Imogen and the Pigeons by Bryn Oh


Welcome to Rebirth Life encryption…or remnants thereof. So begins your journey through Bryn Oh’s latest immersive narrative, Imogen and the Pigeons. In an extended tale told through a poem, visitors are lead through a multilayered narrative that challenges both their minds as well as their dexterity. Imogen is a multilayered story featuring a number of interesting and somewhat disturbing characters from the receptionist, the therapist, and a collection of troubled young patients.

In what has become a hallmark of her immersive work in Second Life, Bryn tells the story in a series of visual narratives that the “reader” can immerse themselves in, and for this story, each focused on a segment of the poem. The installation presents a number of challenges and hidden elements for you to master and/or find that will enhance your overall experience. I will not talk about one particular aspect of this installation that I think is absolutely brilliant; leaving that to you to figure out on your own. Bryn’s installations are in some regards very complex. For those who find it difficult to follow, I encourage you to consider the entire poem in its entirety after having explored the installation, and perhaps even return to reconsider the installation again afterwards.

Another element of Bryn’s work that frequently go hand-in-hand with the actual installation are the machinima she creates. These are wonderfully realized and expertly produced. I encourage you to check out the trailer for this installation which is provided below for your viewing enjoyment…

I have taken quite a number of photographs of this installation…which is pretty typical with Bryn’s work. These can be found in this set on Flickr…

Do not miss this opportunity to visit Imogen and the Pigeons and immerse yourself in a work of art which is so well suited to a virtual world. Head to Immersiva at


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