The Arrival by Rose Borchovski

What to do with a very big fish…


To many people’s delight, artist and narrative storyteller extraordinaire Rose Borchovski is back with her Susas. “The Arrival” has just recently opened at LEA 23 a features a fish…a very big fish! The opportunity to explore and photograph a new installation of Rose’s fills me with much delight. Her stories, how she builds them, and how she leads visitors through them are on one level immensely complex and filled with symbolism, metaphor and narrative. On another level, they appeal to many simply for what you take away (or read into) the narrative space.

Rose’s works have evolved on a number of levels by incorporating mesh and through her collaboration with master scripter Caer Balogh. Rose’s installations challenge me on a number of levels…and I really like that. She give all of us a wide range of perspectives from which to contemplate the entire story as well as the individual components therein. Throughout the journey, visitors are treated to the eerie voices of the Susas as they contemplate the big fish and their hand in its demise.

And true to many of Rose’s installations, scattered throughout is the opportunity to obtain unique creations you can take away and even wear! Make sure you visit the entire installation very carefully and take advantage of the ample opportunities which Rose provides to interact and immerse yourself in the story. Visit at

Read Rowan Derryth’s great blog post on this installation at

View the complete set of images I took at The Arrival on Flickr at


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