Gretchen and Teddy by Bryn Oh

Gretchen says hands off Teddy…


Gretchen and Teddy was an interim installation by Bryn Oh over at her Immersiva sim. The bad news is that it is no longer around to visit, the good news is you can still see it through the wonders of Flickr. The better news is that something will shortly replace it. Bryn Oh is a highly successful artist and an amazing visual storyteller as is apparent from her many previous full sim and immersive installations such as The Rabbicorn Story (, Anna’s Many Murders (, and Virginia Alone (

More photos of this short-term installation can be seen on Flickr at

Bryn is definitely one of those artists on the grid whose next story I anxiously await with camera in hand. If you haven’t, I encourage you to visit Bryn’s blog ( to learn more about her work through many great posts and creative machinimas.

The Spotlight Shines

The Spotlight Shines


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